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 From The Streets to The Stage is empowering interactive program unlike any other college program around!  Monti Washington tells his compelling story of growing up in poverty, living with a mother addicted to drugs, and surviving abuse in foster home after foster home for your campus!  Using Spoken Word Poetry, Active storytelling, and crowd participation activities, Monti teaches students how to make it from the streets of their fears, to the stage of their dreams!  This program will Engage, Entertain, and Empower your students!

Monti was a pleasure to work with and had amazing energy. He is a genuine person (both on-stage and off) and really connected with the student audience in a powerful way. Everyone in attendance raved about him afterward, and each person was affected uniquely by his strong message of positivity and motivation. Thank you Monti, Montana will miss you and hopes to see you again!”
— Hannah Rocky Mountain College